XGS Series


The XGS Technology is Costa's exclusive solution to sand the cross-grain scratch through the use of standard size longitudinal sanding belts. The Costa XGS system removes 100% of the cross-grain at a feed speed of 30fpm in one pass, without leaving dust and clogging the wood pores, while leaving a uniform finish.


Investing in the XGS technology means eliminating the need to hand-sand doors and frames where competitive systems cannot guarantee a total removal of the cross grain scratch in one pass, reliably and consistently shift after shift.

Available Working Widths

 mm 1350 l 1650

Available Working Units


  • Patented wide belt orbiting units
  • Utilizes standard size sanding belts 52"x103"
  • Brushing and cleaning units




Available with one to three orbital working units and up to three cleaning units based upon the customers application.