Applications and Industrial Cycles


Over the last 30 years, the woodworking machinery industry has changed dramatically. During these decades, innovation has been a key driver in Costa's success as a world-leading manufacturer of industrial sanding equipment. From its high definitition segmented pad technology to the next-generation working units for creating new and customized effects on surfaces, Costa Sanders has been continually building on the development and implementiion of new ideas.


Costa Sanders has played a key role in the evolution of the woodworking industry, improving the techniques for the abrasive treatiment of surfaces. This is a result of  Costa’s ability to understand its customers requirements and expectations and answer them with solutions that have become world standards.

Planing and Calibrating


Industrial machines engineered to remove excess stock, create tolerance, and finish-sanding wood and composite surfaces. For larger stock removal applications Costa manufactures special planer heads that are used in conjunction with abrasive belt units.

Sanding Veneer and Lacquer


Industrial machines for fine sanding veneer panels and "white wood" in general, as well as for sanding lacquers and sealers between coats to create adhesion.

Orbital Machines


Advanced industial solutions to eliminate the cross grain scratch and finish sand in a non-directional pattern in a single pass, with unequaled reliablity and consistency of finish. 


Brushing Machines


Engineered to perform a variety of brushing applications including: sanding raised panels such as cabinets frames and doors with raised inserts, breaking edges, structuring the wood grain, as well as removing the dust in preparation for painting.

Innovative Surface Treatment


Costa's innovative surface treatments provide industry leading special effects. Our machines produce hand scraped, sculpted, saw marks, longitudinal marks, transversal marks, orbital structuring of the wood grain, and many more.