K Series


The K series calibrating+sanding machine family is employed in nearly all wood cycle applications including the panel industry, flooring, kitchens, and custom wood shops. 


Costa continues to invest in improvements across this product line including the development of the 9 and 10 Series, enhancements to the working units, upgrades to the control and diagnostic systems, and configuration that increases performance with extended maintanance service intervals.


The entire K Series product is fully customizable. It is available in different frame sizes, widths, and motor power levels to match your application requirements.

Available Working Widths


mm 350 | 650 | 1100 | 1350 | 1650 | 2200 | 2500 | 2900 | 3200


Available Working Units


  • Planer head
  • Contact Cylinders with steel or rubber surface
  • Electronic pad (sectioned or singular)
  • Superfinish system on pad units
  • Special effect units for carving, structuring or embossing,
  • Denibbing brushes and cleaning systems for dust static electricity removal



One through 10+ head, with Bottom, Top, and Combined Bottom+Top frames.